Insurance Agents are Here to Stay

Truth #1: Insurance agents and brokers are not dead, they are not dying and they will not be replaced with robots. Contrary to popular non-industry opinion and possibly serving as blasphemy to many InsurTech counterparts, insurance agents and brokers are here to stay. Even with technology advancements and access to increasing amounts of data, the following [...]

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The Evolution of InsureTech: Where Are We Now?

The swell of FinTech over the last several years has enabled entrepreneurs and venture capital to stumble into the insurance industry in a major way. The $1.2 trillion industry (trillion with a “t”!) that is largely entrenched in 1990's technology has gotten a lot of people’s attention, and rightly so. Based on the simple thesis [...]

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QBIS Insurance Solutions, Inc., an Oakland based insurance technology startup, today announced a $3 million Series A funding round.  The round follows a Seed investment a few months prior, and was led by a consortium affiliated with Heffernan Insurance Brokers and two other strategic insurance company investors.   QBIS is developing a cloud-based underwriting and [...]

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